ION Inc.



ION, Inc. offers a broad array of business and security solutions to a wide range of international clients, tailored to specialist environments and requirements. ION is positioned as the largest US-based special service contractor, and a major player on the global scene. With an established company headquarters in South Carolina, USA, you know we're a reliable force - here for the long term.


Integrity and discretion lie at the beating heart of ION, Inc. When we offer a service, expect no shortcuts or sudden loss of support. 90% of our clients rated us as 'outstanding' in last year's community feedback. Trust and accountability are our core business practices - drawing upon the strengths of major investors and shareholders around the world.


Established initially as a private aviation security agency, ION has expanded further into the security services market, growing in size and reputation emerging as the largest US-based company, and a major player on the global scene. Since being founded in 1998, ION has performed over 19'850 successful contracts - working with civilians and professionals from all over the globe.